We Need to Talk About Self-Leadership. It is a Game-Changer.

We Need to Talk About Self-Leadership. It is a Game-Changer.

20. January 2021 9:00-10:00 CET

The Day You Take Over the Lead Again

A new year, a new opportunity.

In many professional and personal areas, we are – at least to some extent – managed by the outside world. Others design our days. Customers, friends and other obligations take over control. And we are not conscious about it.

But: What if we get back in the drivers seat and design our life ourselves again. Starting with the first day, extending to a full month. Ending up with the whole life? Step by step.

Many say now is probably the easiest time to do so. With the remote work revolution ahead of us many opportunities open up.

Let’s hear Stephanie’s point of view on this. And more importantly: How to take over the lead again.

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No Leadership without Self-Leadership with Stephanie Lee.
Stephanie Lee

Meet Stephanie Lee

Stephanie is all about helping people show up wholeheartedly in life and work.

As the Team Experience Manager at Buffer, she reimagines the future of work by building a remote-first employee experience and culture across borders. She crafts impactful company experience through events and engagement, and speaks about topics such as vulnerability, psychological safety in the workplace, and cross-cultural collaboration. A generalist through and through, she also manages Buffer’s remote work toolkit and operations, and has lately delved into the world of IT and internal security.

A strong believer in the value of remote-first company design, she has lately helped companies cope with work-from-home directives by speaking and teaching about remote work, and how to effectively implement it for those new to this way of doing business.

Coaching is the latest chapter in Stephanie’s personal and professional journey. As a professional coach, Stephanie helps individuals get unstuck in order to achieve their personal and professional goals. She is all about engaging both the head and the heart to bring about meaningful change. By creating a safe space for her clients to be vulnerable and explore their deepest dreams, Stephanie partners with them on their journey of making impactful change in their lives.

Stephanie has a Masters degree in Philosophy and was previously an educator in one of Singapore’s top schools. She specialized in Gifted & Talented education and curriculum design. During her 5-year career as an educator, she helped evolve the Philosophy curriculum, ran service learning programs, and collaborated with Boston Consulting Group on the student entrepreneurship program. Prior to her career in education, she worked in Branding and Marketing after completing her training in Mass Communication.

Key takeaways of this event

  • What is Self-Leadership?
  • Why is Self-Leadership more important than ever?
  • How can I achieve more Self-Leadership

Interaction with Q & A

In order to maintain a meaningful conversation with our guests we collect questions beforehand from participants. This way we make sure we cover relevant topics and get to them in no time.

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The How

Virtual events are pretty straight forward:

09:00 - Introduction

Introduction by and of the host and today’s expert. Basic principles for the participation of the virtual event.

09:05 - Expert Intro

Our guest introduces herself / himself and will give a short impulse to todays topic.

09:10 - Q & A

Going through submitted and new questions.

09:55 - Wrap-up and closing
Condensing the answers and closing the session.
1-2 days later
You receive a wrap-up of the question and a link the recorded video. Everybody who registered will get this e-mail. The video will also be uploaded to this website.

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We Need to Talk About Self-Leadership. It is a Game-Changer.

Unleash your own potential. Step by step.

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