Remote Work for Starters

Remote Work for Starters

2. December 16:00-17:00 CET

Remote Work for Starters

Remote work is on the rise and seems to be here to stay. Especially for tech companies and start-ups it is a new way to collaborate and attract talent from all over the world. Many call it the next economic revolution with impact on all our lives. 

Due to COVID-19 many “traditional” companies are forced to adopt their working style from their offices to the homes of their employees.

Good news are: Many tools are out there to support this change. But what about the business routines which are established in companies and teams? What about communication? What about the coffee break talks?

Those and other questions will be answered in this virtual event.

Join us to get first-hand insights from Johannes Moser who has more than 5 years experience working for a start-up in a remote environment.

Johannes Moser. Head of
Johannes Moser

Meet Johannes Moser

Johannes Moser is currently working as Head of Product @ In this role he is driving the way CrateDB is developed. Also, Joe is a founding member of the community “Verein Plattform für digitale Initiativen” which “Ignites the spark of digitization in the people of the region of Vorarlberg”, his home base.

Learn more about Joe on:

All in all Joe is a natural leader and community driver.

Key takeaways of this event

  • Best practice of how to start.
  • You will learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of starting working remotely.
  • What you can do personally to foster a good culture of working remotely.

Interaction with Q & A

In order to maintain a meaningful conversation with our guests we collect questions beforehand from participants. This way we make sure we cover relevant topics and get to them in no time.

Curious? Sign up today to get your questions answered!

The How

Virtual events are pretty straight forward:

16:00 - Introduction

Introduction by and of the host and today’s expert. Basic principles for the participation of the virtual event.

16:05 - Expert Intro

Our guest introduces herself / himself and will give a short impulse to todays topic.

16:10 - Q & A

Going through submitted and new questions.

16:55 - Wrap-up and closing
Condensing the answers and closing the session.
1-2 days later
You receive a wrap-up of the question and a link the recorded video. Everybody who registered will get this e-mail. The video will also be uploaded to this website.

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Johannes Moser. Head of

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