How we work

How we work

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Open Approach

Your idea for an Offsite will be followed by our contact. A personal conversation to get to know each other. In this phase we ask for your needs, evaluate, summarize and develop a goal, strategy, concept, program and activity.


Good preparation is the key to a good Offsite. The basic rule is: The earlier the collaboration begins, the better. With our Offsites we work closely and transparently with our customers. The following approach has proven to be successful:

Before the Offsite

  1. Clarify needs, goals and expectations of the Offsite
  2. Query the availability of team members
  3. Determine the period, number of days and choice of accommodation
  4. Put together an Offsite program: Workshops, activities and leisure
  5. Support with the organization of arrival and departure
  6. Organize catering, transport and logistics on site

During the Offsite

  • Participate in workshops – participants can fully concentrate on their role and contribution.
  • Our team ensures that everything runs smoothly and takes care of the participants’ concerns and wishes.

After the Offsite

  • Compiled documentation with photos & video
  • Toolbox with tips & tricks
  • Content monitoring in regular exchange and feedback loops