Offsite for Cooperations

offsite for Cooperations

Offsite to establish or improve a cooperation and the common vision and strategy.

Offsite für Kooperationen von Mountain Offsite.

Problems & Challenges

  • Unclear procedure and lack of orientation in the work process
  • Lack of mission statement and affiliation
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Negative friction and failure in the team
  • Potentials are not used
  • Different values and working methods meet each other

Possible Focus & Results

  • Joint development of a vision and associated mission statement
  • Derivation of the mission and clarification of the necessary functions to fulfill it
  • Identify the potential and added value of a cooperation
  • Developing services and products


  • The common mission statement creates a sense of belonging and sets the direction.
  • The participatory development creates trust.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities give employees the power they need.
  • Critical decisions are easier to make with the help of the mission statement.

our offer

Two companies realize that it is good to work together and to use synergies and release potentials. They decide to make common cause, to move closer together in the long term and to work together.

This is a good path to take, and yet it can be rocky if it is taken unconsciously. We work with systemic basic principles, support the development process and accompany our clients from the I to the We.

It remains to be emphasized that we accompany our clients beyond the scope of an offsite cooperation. In regular feedback and review loops we create a commitment and consistency that is often not possible to achieve internally.