Offsite for Remotes Companies

offsite for Remote Companies

Strengthen your togetherness. Bring your team together, use your full potential and tackle the next challenges together.

Offsite für Remote Unternehmen von Mountain Offsite.

Problems & Challenges

  • Developing a shared vision is difficult or impossible with digital tools
  • Communication in everyday life is always a challenge
  • Work processes need optimization
  • Relationships over distance are difficult to build and maintain
  • Employees do not feel part of the company or feel isolated from time to time

Possible Focus & Results

  • Your Big Picture and the next priorities are clear.
  • You are working on tasks that are remotely difficult.
  • You have developed the basis for better processes and products.
  • You experience yourself and your culture in all its authenticity.
  • New employees are integrated.
  • You are active outside of work and get to know each other better.


  • The team knows the big picture and the priorities for the near future
  • Decisions can be made more easily through participatory processes
  • You grow closer together on a personal level
  • Strong team moral and togetherness
  • Smooth working through improved processes

Today, it is quite normal for companies to be distributed over several locations or even completely remote. Flexibility and challenge. Personal encounters take place digitally, a togetherness that holds potential for conflict.

People work together, separated by distance, and distance can create further distance. The classic for remote companies. Organize the next offsite and bring the team together as a team.

our offer

For remote teams, the balance between workshops, activities and leisure time is an important aspect. It is about the people and the company, its processes and a timely everyday life. Together we use the time, develop a concept with you that gives the results space and gives the team time to be a team.

The offsite for remote companies opens up space for topics that cannot find what they need in everyday life. Often these are topics like culture, cooperation or the orientation of the company. Focal points that trigger change through the encounter in real life.