Offsite for Startups

offsite for Startups

Success is there to be celebrated. Pause, look back, understand, celebrate and move forward – this is the core of the Offsite for Startups.

Offsite für Startups von Mountain Offsite


  • A great success is to be celebrated
  • High stress level in the team
  • New employees do not find their place in the team immediatly
  • Time to take a deep breath and reflect is missing
  • A newly assembled team has to adapt to its tasks

Possible Focus & Results

  • Success is in the foreground and is celebrated
  • The Big Picture and the next milestones are clear
  • The priorities are translated to the individual teams
  • Ideas and prototypes are generated in hackathons or workshop sessions
  • New employees are integrated
  • Extraordinary celebration and activities away from work
  • Show gratitude and appreciation


  • The team members appreciate the reward for their good performance
  • You have grown together personally and are going into the future with strengthened relationships
  • Your team members are motivated for the next stage and have already achieved first results
  • You are all oriented towards the same goal and know the direction
  • The Offsite attracts new talents

Your company has had great success and continues to evolve. Getting all employees to resonate in the right setting is difficult and in the normal working environment difficult to achieve. Take the time and framework to bring your team together with an Offsite.

Besides all this it is also a great way to celebrate an investment or other successes. We help to organize an offsite that will be remembered by the team for a long time.

our offer

We make sure that the setup is the right one. We organize everything around and the customer can fully focus himself on the important topics

  • Celebrating the last funding
  • Bringing the next steps and challenges to the table
  • Clarify the need for new jobs
  • Further develop product vision / missio
  • Appreciate employees and reward them for their efforts