Offsite for Teams

offsite for Teams

A team works and delivers. 

A good team works and delivers the valuable difference.

Be the good team.

Offsite für Teams von Mountain Offsite.

Problems & Challenges

  • New employees do not find their place in the team
  • Conflicts paralyze the team and depress the mood
  • A newly assembled team has to adapt to its tasks
  • Too long meetings and insufficient communication
  • Bad mood in the team

Possible Focus & Results

  • Guided onboarding for new employees
  • Self and team reflection for better collaboration
  • Team activities that work, weld together and are fun
  • Input on the topic “Functioning Team” with practical relevance to topics such as team awareness, clarity of function and roles, conflict resolution, feedback and criticism
  • Team activities that weld together and are fun.


  • Common understanding, reflection and activities build security and trust
  • New employees are well received by the company
  • Your team will be able to solve problems independently in the future
  • Communication and work processes function better

our offer

In addition to organizing Offsites, we are experts and initiators in the areas of organization, leadership and team. We open the space for good collaboration and real relationships.

A team Offsite is all about the balance between working on company-relevant topics and growing together and connect. Taking the focus away from work and bringing it to the personal level helps to strengthen relationships and get to know the team.

A team Offsite can be carried out by the whole company or a part of it.

Offsite für Teams von Mountain Offsite. Gut für alle Fische.

This results in possible subject areas of an Offsite for Teams:

  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Self and team experiences
  • Understanding of concrete challenges and sensitization for the solution
  • Impulse to organization, leadership and team – what distinguishes high performance teams (and by that we don’t mean to be busy, but to work cleverly)

In addition, the region is suitable for outdoor activities and offers a variety of possibilities.

Topics such as organization, leadership and team grow through sustainable processing. Our offer is based on the ability to solve in everyday life.

We accompany this development process. In regular feedback and review loops, we create a commitment and consistency that is often not possible to achieve internally.