Our Offsites are composed of four services. This is how we ensure that the needs of our customers are covered by us.

What we can help you with

Elemente eines Offsites: Ressourcen, Infrastruktur, Hosting und inhaltliche Begleitung.


With our freely accessible resources you can get a good overview of what to do in case you want to organize a Offsite yourself. If you want to organize it yourself, the guide will help you not to forget anything.


You can rely on a top infrastructure from accommodation, workshop locations and equipment to on-site transportation. We ensure your Offsite runs smoothly.


In addition to the infrastructure we fill the space with life. You can rely on a well thought-out and balanced Offsite that invites the participants to feel comfortable, get to know each other, think freely and thus contribute to the Offsite.

Guidance and Support

We round off the Offsite by accompanying content topics and moderation. You can rely on us to provide you with good advice and guidance on topics that are within our area of expertise. We also do this beyond the scope of an Offsite. In this way we create a consistency and commitment that is rarely achieved with internal resources.

––> External Facilitation 
allows participants to concentrate on content and main focus. At the same time the moderation remains neutral and strengthens the presence of the participants in their respective roles.


––> Systemic Consulting and Coaching
We work as and with keynote speakers and coaches on topics such as leadership, time and self management, dealing with conflicts, fluctuation or communication problems.


––> Constant Accompaniment
In order to maintain drive and motivation and to create commitment to the developed goals, we accompany before, during and after the Offsite with review and feedback loops.


––> No Distractions
Our activities and workshops, as well as your processes, usually take place offline, if appropriate. Because the goal deserves its focus. We recommend this to our customers as well. No distractions – all in the dialogue.

Overall Responsibility

In general, the overall responsibility lies with Mountain Offsite. If a need lies outside our own areas of expertise, we work together with our partners. We bring them on board and involve them in the preparation process of the Offsite.