Mountain Offsite bietet ein Netzwerk von Experten.
Christoph Benedigt ist Gründer und Geschäftsführer von Montain Offsite. Foto von Anja Fontain.

Christoph Benedikt, briefly Christoph, is facilitator, business consultant, host, culture donor, business economist, host, entrepreneur, companion, trailblazer, community designer, Vorarlberger and the founder of Mountain Offsite.

He sees the healthy team player in a healthy team as essential, knows what the individual needs and how this required environment is created. In short – he makes teamwork simple. “A conversation around the campfire is at its best when you burn log after log together and symbolically separate in the evening from what was a challenge in the morning,” says Christoph.


He and his work are an experience. Studying business administration to understand companies. Business consulting, to train the skills, organization of hackathons, because it is about the community. And fun. Scrum Master, offsite organizer in a tech startup, then world traveler for the change of perspective and today in Vorarlberg, with Mountain Offsite. “I connect offline what is sometimes too far apart online in a setting that leads to good change”.


So bringing people closer together is his core competence, and accompanying them in terms of content and organization is his craft. This is what Christoph passes on to his clients with Mountain Offsite.

Guiding Principles

––> Head, Heart and Hand

We work according to the principles of head – which reflects and thinks new, heart – which shows the determination to want the new, and hand – which shapes the new.

––> Reflect and Learn

We are also here to grow and learn. We consciously reflect our thoughts and actions.

––> Better Together

It is our innermost conviction that “together” leads further than “alone”. The whole is more than the sum of the individual people.

––> Be the Change you Seek

If you seek change, set an example and let it become reality.


We are part of a strong network and enliven it together with the thinkers and doers of the region. While we retain overall responsibility for realization, the partners break up and lead in detail and depth. And the right partner can always be found.

Simone Angerer macht Gestaltung und Community-Hosting bei Mountain Offsite. Netzwerk von Christoph Benedikt. Foto von Nina Bröll.

Simone Angerer

Design & Community-Host

Sara Bonetti.

Sara Bonetti

Incubation Management  & Coworking-Host

Thomas Stanglechner.

Thomas Stanglechner

Moving Image Production

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