Warum ein Offsite


Time for Shaping the Future

Clarity: An offsite offers time to work on trend-setting topics undisturbed and to create clarity for the future. This makes decision-making processes and everyday work easier.

Good Collaboration

The clarity of needs for the future and the time spent together strengthens the team members’ sense of togetherness and creates a common basic trust.

Happy Customers

In the end, a clear goal and a well-functioning team lead to good results. And good results lead to happy customers.


Die Mountain Offsites sind zeitsparend und kosteneffektiv.

Time Saving and Cost Effective

We have experience and expertise, an already existing network, we know the region. We act flexibly and can work with manageable effort at appropriate prices.

Ein wichtiger Teil der Mountain Offsites ist die inhaltliche Begleitung.

Guidance and Support

We accompany our customers in terms of organization and guidance before, during and after the offsite. We are experts in work of vision and mission statements, in strategy, real team learning and team building.

Mountain Offsite bietet ein Netzwerk von Experten.

Network of Experts

We are proud to be part of a strong network of entrepreneurs, consultants, thinkers, masterminds, developers, visionaries, creative minds, crafts:wo:men and doers.

Mountain Offsite übernimmt die Gesamtverantwortung des Offsites.

Overall Responsibility

With us all threads come together. We keep the overview and make sure that everything works hand in hand and runs. Our customers can fully focus on their topics.

Mountain Offsite hat lokale Kenntnis vor Ort.

Local Knowledge

Vorarlberg is our home. We know what fits together well and create unique experiences for teams. Without this knowledge, just booking a restaurant can become an extensive project.

Blumen Bouquet mit viel Amore. Mountain Offsite bietet herausragenden Service für Kunden.


Everything we do, we do because we love it and we burn with passion for it. As Mountain Offsite, we do our best to create excellent experiences for our clients.

Our Findings

New working worlds bring new circumstances. Teams are physically separated and collaboration is increasingly “digital by default”.

This development has resulted in a lack of team spirit and togetherness. Culture, strategic planning, the development of new solutions and collaboration must be rethought and redesigned.

Welcome to the challenge. We at Mountain Offsite take it up with you and break it down together.

Our Belief

We at Mountain Offsite are convinced of the potential of intentional encounters and design this space. We believe that people grow together beyond themselves. More than they can imagine.

Part of the process is the activation of the balance between tension and relaxation, work and leisure, between the thinking of an idea and creating it. Step by step. We invite teams to do good things with good benefits.